This casino is unique, fun and situated in a very beautiful location. The Blue Heron casino can be found on Scugog Island, which is east of Port Perry. If you have ever wanted to play poker, learn poker or even watch a poker game then now is your chance. The Blue Heron Casino attract crowds of people from all over the country as there poker tournaments are not only fun to play but the winnings are big. It is an exciting place to watch and play poker games. You may even pock up a few winning tips, tricks and techniques.

In terms of dining options you will be quite impressed with The Blue Heron casinos food outlets. If you wish to eat out with your family,then you have many options available to you.There are even some cute little drinking places where you can go to pick up a drink or a coffee.When it comes to food suggests, the buffet options are always a tasty and delicious treat for the whole family. If you have family members who are big eaters or family members who are fussy about food, then this is the place to go and eat out as there will certainly be something for everyone.

The Blue Heron casino has a really big jackpot, that accumulates very frequently. The great part about it is that someone eventually has to win this jackpot. At the end of the day, why shouldn’t it be you to win this jackpot.However if you don’t win the big jackpot there are so many other rewards,offers,promotions and free spins available that you will have additional extra chances of winning it big.

Don’t miss out on the exciting rewards club offered exclusively by the Blue Heron Casino. All card members accumulate points and are eligible for all sorts of prizes and rewards simply for gambling.