If you find yourself near the Hamilton area, all you need to do is drive for around another half an hour and here you will find the Brantford casino. You will be very surprised at the fantastic variety of games that it offers. How many slot machines do you want to choose from? Well this casino has an impressive amount of over 540 slot machines,which gives you many choices and varieties when it comes to picking your slot machine that will be lucky and right for you.

There are also some wonderful other games available such as Blackjack, Craps and poker games. In terms of table games and slot machines, you will not find anything better. This is a comfortable casino where the staff are friendly and you will feel right at home. Everyone knows that the more comfortable you are, the happier you are which means you will feel less stressed and have more opportunities to win. There are many exciting promotions and offers available at Brantford Casino.

This is a charity based casino which means that they give back to charity. You can feel good about yourself knowing that you are helping local charities. You will have the opportunity of joining a rewards club called the Winners Circle. You will receive a card which not only accumulates points and provides you with rewards but you will also receive all sorts of loyalty points and freebies for playing. Basically how it works is that the more you gamble the more rewards you will receive.

This casino not only gives back to charity but it also provides a fun and entertaining gambling experience. Imagine winning a huge jackpot and giving to local charities, that is certainly every winners dreams. Imagine the best of winning and giving at the very same time. This casino can make your dreams come true.